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criss cross
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____________ “ … so here no-one just wants to stand to gain at others‘ expenses, but a spectrum is spread out between nonchalant swing and unsentimental warmheartedness, in which everybody seems to feel well …“ (Klaus Nüchtern „Falter“ 2010)

____________ “ … it’s surprising how smooth these cmplexly turned pieces go so well into our ears. Whenever the sextet of pianist-composer Adriane Muttenthaler balances between chamber music finesse and jazzy interaction then dissonances don’t scratch but tickle and even tricky rhythms unfold into velvety grooves …“ (Christoph Irrgeher „Wiener Zeitung“ 2010)

____________ "The sixth CD of the pianist Adriane Muttenthaler’s ensemble CRISS CROSS again presents jazz of the highest class, which does not surprise us. Yet it is not that easy to entertain with modern jazz over years and years but CRISS CROSS do so without any trouble at all. Modern jazz – what really is it ? Jazz that needs no repeating of standards, no conventional imitating of soul, pop and sing a songwriting, no regards to folkloristic musical elements as to instrumentation or harmonic, is neither modern nor en vogue any longer.
The more enthusiastic and surprised you can be of the sixth CD of Criss Cross. Adriane Muttenthaler has the gift of composing jazz tunes, which once follow the jazz traditions of Thelonious Monk or John Coltrane reminding you of the best times of the Blue Note Labels, when Be Pop and Hard Pop joined hands, showing Adriane Muttenthaler’s handwriting being modern, selfassured, dramatical and of timeless beauty..." (CD "ueberrascht?- die Sechste" Christian Bakonyi, 2009)

____________ "The brassless windsound sheathes Muttenthalers delicate music exceedingly, the core nervertheless certainly remains always al dente."
(Press Jazzfestival "Herbstzeitlose", Graz 2007)

____________ " Adriane Muttenthaler is fond of travelling all over the world. She with her projects and her band Criss Cross have represented an ensemble people have loved to engage for many years. Countless international performances, also in 2006 as for example her tour through Mexico, testify this. And she also likes to travel between the worlds. She - like noone else - understands to mediate between Classical and Jazz music, but also between the visited regions and the journeys into her own soul."
(jazzzeit, Wolfgang F. Rauscher, 2006 )

____________ " What is truly wonderful in all of Muttenthaler's presentations is her sensitive feeling when it comes to harmonizing the noted and improvised parts, this way living jazz tunes are produced, which never get lost but always are structured in interesting and exciting curves, bopping, swinging, groovy from beginning to the end... Adriane Muttenthaler's latest CD opens a universe of sounds for a short-lived hour, who all that appreciate jazz coming from both the heart and the brains will be interested to listen to - being hot in the Balkanese Grooves, while cool in the ballads and truly jazzy when presenting classical themes.
So the CD is really a further highlight in the albums works of the composer, arranger and pianist Adriane Muttenthaler."
(CD “crazy moon” Christian Bakonyi, 2006)
____________ Portrait of Adriane Muttenthaler on mica